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Add Payment Method

Link a credit/debit card, a bank account or a mobile money account to PayWithCapture®. You only need to do this once.

Scan QR Code

Scan a payment QR code on a merchant website, a checkout station or even printed on paper and pasted on the wall or the checkout counter.

Make Payment

Confirm the amount and then pay! If that isn't the definition of easy, we don't know what is!

Get what you want when you want it.
Beat the queues & earn rewards!

With our network of mechants, you get premium service and get it even cheaper than paying with cash or card.

Click here to see a list of our merchants and applicable rewards when you PayWithCapture®.

Convenience is our middle name. We believe payment should be easy

The future is retailers knowing exactly when consumers arrive and exactly when they depart with ample opportunity to deliver content in-between.

PayWithCapture® Beacon-NFC Pay does exactly that by allowing consumers to pay without the need to have an NFC-enabled device or stick an NFC tag to their device for instant checkout

We have also made payments easy with wearables. Use force-touch on your Apple Watch to pay and choose your preferred linked payment method.

We believe the next Black Friday sales can happen on pages of newspapers or on TV screens.

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Features & Benefits

To Customers

It does not cost you money to use PayWithCapture®. It is both free to use and free to download. PayWithCapture® makes it possible to pay for goods and services perpetually because there are no charges for using PayWithCapture and no monthly fees are incurred for using PayWithCapture®. PayWithCapture is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 devices.

  • Quick, one-click payment
  • The app can be linked to all accounts, cards, and mobile wallets.
  • The accounts identifies and debits a funded account if the default account is not funded
  • Works offline
  • Can be set up to make regular payments
  • Can be used by customers of all banks

To Merchants

PayWithCapture® for merchants is a cutting-edge solution that works both offline and online. PayWithCapture provides an alternative payment method for merchants and improves security by eliminating the need to store large amounts of cash. PayWithCapture® is very easy to use and setting up only takes a few minutes. No cumbersome numbers to remember or convoluted processes to adhere to. The QR Code works even printed on paper, so all you may ever need to do is print the QR code and have it pasted on the checkout counter!

  • Instant value**
  • Push personalized content and ads to consumers with PayWithCapture Beacon-NFC Pay
  • Built-in coupon system for merchants to reward their customers
  • Recurrent payment capabilities

Answers to questions you may already have

What is PayWithCapture?

PayWithCapture is a mobile payment app that enables individuals to make payment in for goods and services by scanning a generated QR-Code using the camera of the mobile device or using the NFC-Beacon Pay which automatically senses the in-store Beacons. The app can be accessed offline and linked to different payment instruments such as cards (Master/Visa), bank accounts and mobile wallets. The app can be used by both Access bank account holders and non-account holders.

What are the benefits of PayWithCapture?
  • Fast and secure way to make payments online and offline via secure SMS and USSD channels
  • Link VISA, Mastercard, Access Bank account and mobile wallets
  • Not exclusive to Access Bank customers
Do all mobile phones support PayWithCapture?

The app can be used on any phone with camera functionality. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry 10 Devices

How can I download the PayWithCapture app?

The app is available for download on Google Play, App store, Blackberry App World & Windows 8 store for all devices.

How do I register on PayWithCapture?

To register, please follow the steps below:

  • Download app from applicable app store
  • Install app on your phone
  • Click on sign-up to register
  • Enter your details to complete registration, Link a payment method & then click on register
How do I Login to PayWithCapture

Once you have registered your profile on the app, you can login by:

  • Clicking on the ‘Login’ menu
  • Enter the phone number you registered with and your 5 digit capture PIN to login
What is a Capture PIN?

This is a 5-digit security code that validates your details during your registration on the PayWithCapture app. It is also used to complete login to the App.

What is a Transaction Code?

This is a 4-digit security code that is used to complete transactions on your app. Ensure you keep your PIN secure at all times.

How do I link my cards?

To link your cards, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to your PayWithCapture app with your unique 5-digit security PIN
  • Link your VISA/MasterCard to the app by scanning card or inputting card details into the app
  • You can verify your card to increase your transaction limits in Payment Methods
How do I link my Access Bank account?

To link your Access Bank account, please follow the steps below:

  • Link your Access Bank account to the app by inputting account number into the app
  • To complete linkage, select either ‘use a hardware token from Access Bank’ or ‘send an OTP to my phone number linked to my bank account’
    • For ‘use a token’:
      • Input the OTP from your token
      • System authenticates the OTP and links the account
    • For ‘send an OTP to my phone number linked to my bank account’:
      • Input the OTP in the SMS sent to your phone
      • System authenticates the OTP and links the account
  • A debit of N1 is initiated on the account and an OTP stated in the SMS
  • Input the OTP into the app
  • System authenticates, links account successfully & the N1 debit is reversed
What transaction types can I perform using PayWithCapture

PayWithCapture can be used to pay for goods and services at a range of merchant stores and locations. Please check the app dashboard for merchants that are currently available on the platform.

How do I make a payment using PayWithCapture?

To make a payment (in-store):

  • Launch the PayWithCapture app
  • Login with 5-digit Login Capture PIN
  • Click on ‘scan to pay’
  • Scan the QR code or add the code
  • Confirm transaction amount and authorize the transaction via PayWithCapture 4-digit transaction code or fingerprint
  • Account/Card is debited with the transaction amount.

To make payments (Via NFC-Beacon):

  • Launch the PayWithCapture app
  • Login with 5-digit Login Capture PIN
  • Click on 'Pay'
  • Select Beacon-NFC Pay
  • The Beacon @ the Merchant’s Store automatically detects your App and the Merchant Name appears
  • Confirm transaction amount and authorize the transaction via PayWithCapture 4-digit transaction code or fingerprint
  • Account is debited with the transaction amount and fee (where applicable)
How long will it take for payment to reach the merchant?

The merchant gets an alert of any payment made immediately. However, settlement to merchant is done at the end of each day

Will I receive alerts for transactions done on PayWithCapture?

Yes, you will receive alert for every transaction performed or carried out using the app.

Do I need to be an Access Bank account holder to use PayWithCapture?

PayWithCapture is not exclusive to Access Bank account holders. Any cardholder from any Bank can download and carry out transactions using the app once you have registered on the app and successfully link your cards. However, the account feature on the app is exclusive to account holders only.

How secure is PayWithCapture?

Firstly, PayWithCapture is PCIDSS compliant.

Secondly, the application has 2-factored authentication for linkage and is protected with a 5-digit LoginPIN and a 4-digit transaction code + fingerprint (available on IOS devices only) for authentication.

Transactions on the PayWithCapture app are also validated by a 4-digit PIN known to you alone.

All these are in addition to other security measures that has been put in place to ensure that your transaction information is protected from intruders.

How do I keep my app safe?

Your PayWithCapture Login PIN & Transaction Code should not be disclosed to another person. It is also advisable that you should change your PIN when you have reason to believe that it has been compromised.

What happens if my phone is missing or stolen?

In the event that you lose your phone, please call Our Contact Centre to block your account as soon as possible. You will have to download the app, create your profile and link your cards and/or account on your new phone.

Does the PayWithCapture app work offline?

Yes, the app works offline.

Who do I contact for support?

Contact Centre on 01-2712005-7, 2802500, 7332000 or send an email to

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