Did you know that you can even draw assumptions for your special handling of money from negative examples in the field of economics and finance?


Important monetary virtues for everyone


Although you are one of those people who love creative chaos – when it comes to money, only order helps.

Create several folders for your financial documents like bills, taxes, insurance, investments, real estate and your own filing basket, the contents of which you store in the appropriate folders once a week. Make a note of it every time you have used your credit or debit card and compare the list with your bank statements.


Many people are betrayed about money, not by others, but by themselves. Anticipate the same honesty in yourself that you ask of others. Do not deceive yourself with overly optimistic expectations about your income development. Do not close your eyes to your real money needs.



Forget the saying: “I have no idea about that.” Instead, say: “I would like to know more about that.” Don’t turn over the business section of your newspaper, but read an article daily whose headline tells you naturally – for example because someone you know works for the company in question. In principle, do not buy any monetary like bitcoin mixing tutorial or insurance product that you do not know. Ask your insurance agent or bank advisor about it.



Stay in control of your spending – even if this is more difficult than ever in the age of online shopping.

Numerous retailers give free shipping for a certain amount of purchase. Don’t be tempted to put more into your shopping cart virtually than you have originally wished-for. Enter your determined bid when shopping and let yourself be surprised by the outcome of the auction.


Foresight & perseverance

Don’t look at short-term, but long-term financial accomplishment. When investing money,  always set a time limit of at least 3 years. Develop a strategy for this: How risky should the investment be, what priorities do you want to set, and what goal do you want to achieve with the investment in the long term? Stick to your strategy and only let go if separate investments drop so far that you have to sell in order to limit the loss.