The corona virus spiked at the the global economy. It hit so hard that the stock exchanges in America, Germany, and Asia are going on a downward turn. Financial expert points out what retail traders must do now – and what they must not do.

Warren Buffett on coronavirus fears: I won’t be selling stocks

Share price rates are dropping, oil has started to become more affordable, and the value of gold is soaring. The corona pandemic strike financial markets all over the world at the start of the week. Because of the likely implications of the virus, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has recently modified its progress predictions for China as well as the whole global economy downhill.

Additionally there is a feeling of turmoil on the German stock exchange at this time. After having a short recovery, the primary index Dax momentarily dropped to its minimum. More and more retail investors wonder what to do.

Must they sell their stocks? Should they invest their funds in gold seeing that it’s a safer investment?

Many financial experts advise that you keep calm. Do not sell your shares just because you fear the worse. Small investors should certainly not panic. Selling at this time would mean an error.

Despite the fact that price ranges dropped not long ago, the Dax continues to be at a high point level. “We remain quite a distance from a market wreck”.