If you want to be prosperous as a businessperson in the long term, you need the right products and services. But above all you should be able to handle money. Even if this well-intentioned advice is often recommended to many new company bosses by experts and start-up consultants, they know very little about what to do with it. Because the crucial explanation of how this should ideally be done in business life is unfortunately missing in most cases.

Planning is essential

Financial planning is one of the most important processes in a company. This makes it possible to monitor and control all deposits and withdrawals. On the one hand, surpluses quickly become visible.

The goal of financial planning, especially liquidity planning, is to ensure that the business can meet its payment obligations at all times. That’s the bare minimum. In the best case, you must carry out planning in such a way that funds are also available for investments that ensure long-term competitiveness.