How to you combine and manage finances as a couple? As a couple you should figure out what your lives to look like. Ask questions like, when do you plan to retire?  What do you want that retirement to look like? Do you see a lot of travel in your retirement? What kind of legacy do you want to live to your children? These are the biggest financial goals that we all have to hit in our lifetime which is being able to sustain our selves and live a legacy once we stop working. The reason why you want to have these conversations is that you both have shared goals that can help you as your moving through life. This will also ensure that your finances are set in a way that will allow you to accomplish these goals. Make sure that you have these talks as a couple before you decide to get twined together financially.






Here are some tips to follow:

  • Look at where you are at now and be fully transparent about your finances are because you do not want to start your relationship of with a lie. This will allow you to overcome any financial hurdles you may encounter in the future.
  • Stick to the best thing that would work between you and your partner. You are a powerful financial house when you work together. Just make sure that you are working through shared goals and that you understand what your responsibilities are.
  • Decide on what kind of day to day lifestyle do you want to have. This is where having a budget comes in. Sit down with your partner and have a conversation on how you want to spend your money, what you want to include in your budget, and how you want to reach your long and short term financial goals.