In a relationship, you usually share everything. But when it comes to the subject of money, silence usually prevails.

How do you address the topic?

Most people don’t want to talk about the subject, especially when the finances are bad. But that’s exactly when you should deal with the topic, because maybe your partner has tips on how you can get your finances under control better.

There is no specific scheme for bringing up the topic with your partner, but there are a few points you can follow.

Relaxed moment

Don’t bring up the subject while celebrating. A good time would be when you’re having dinner together and it’s a relaxed atmosphere.

Do not speak directly

“How much salary do you make?” or “How much money do you have on the side?” are not the questions you should start the conversation with. Instead, you can bring up the topic by asking how the other person manages their finances with regard to rent and pension provision without asking for specific figures.